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Benjamin R. Corson, CFA

Benjamin R. Corson, CFA

Director of Investment Implementation

Benjamin R. Corson is responsible for the analysis, selection, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of all our managed assets.  He has over a decade of experience in investment research, financial analysis, and investment implementation.  He received a BS in Business Administration and Finance and a minor in Mathematics from the American University.  Ben is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has been an investment advisor representative of D’Orazio & Associates since April 2023. Before joining D’Orazio & Associates, Inc. Ben served as a head of trading and investment committee lead with his prior two employers. Outside the office, he is a Seattle native who enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife.  Within D’Orazio & Associates, he is another contact for any specific investment or portfolio-related questions.

What makes D'Orazio Advisors unique?

Our financial planning and investment process.

How is D'Orazio Advisors different from other places you've worked?

The team approach. We work closely together across all departments and each member of the team is informed of the key details of each client's situation.

How would you describe D'Orazio Advisors in one word? Why?

Thoughtful - we have financial experts in various areas who are very detail oriented and thorough when recommending solutions to better our clients' lives.

What's something you do every morning without fail?

Check my phone for the latest sports news

What do you value most in your friends?

I value supportive friends who have integrity

Comedies or dramas?


Cats or dogs?


Beach or mountain vacation?


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