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Andrew T. Eskelsen, CFA

Andrew T. Eskelsen, CFA

Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer

Andrew T. Eskelsen is responsible for the research, analysis, selection, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of all our managed assets. He has over a decade of experience in investment research, financial analysis, and investment implementation. He received a BS in Business Administration and Finance from the College of Charleston. Andrew is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has been an investment advisor representative of D’Orazio & Associates since October 2020. Outside the office, he is a long-suffering D.C. sports fan and enjoys golfing and spending time with his girlfriend and their golden retriever. Within D’Orazio & Associates, he is the best contact for any specific investment or portfolio-related questions.

What makes D'Orazio Advisors unique?

Full-service financial advice delivered with exceptional customer service/intimate client relationships - our clients are treated like family.

How is D'Orazio Advisors different from other places you've worked?

Small team of exceptional employees where everyone pitches in as needed to solve problems for our clients. Can be hectic and stressful at times but the work is always interesting and I enjoy my coworkers

How would you describe D'Orazio Advisors in one word? Why?

Fiduciaries. We take the concept of a fiduciary very seriously, too seriously at some points to the detriment of our own business previously.

What's something you do every morning without fail?

Read the news and get a view on what's going on in the markets and the economy

What do you value most in your friends?


Comedies or dramas?


Cats or dogs?


Beach or mountain vacation?


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