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The D'Orazio & Associates, Inc. approach to billing is a combination of the Investment Management with our other financial planning services to calculate a static annual fee. You pay for the work we provide at a price custom-tailored to your financial situation. We are proud to offer a fee-only flat retainer with a transparent billing process. Every quarter you are provided an invoice clearly stating what you are paying for our services. 

Performance comes, performance goes. Fees never falter.
— Warren Buffett

What We Charge

Initial Fee-Only Flat Retainer

We start with a six-month to one-year Initial Engagement Phase. This Initial Fee-Only Flat Retainer is based on the number of meetings, complexity and topics to be covered. This phase is the most involved in which we disassemble and reconstruct your financial foundation. 

Monitoring Fee-Only Flat Retainer

After the Initial Engagement Phase, we move into our Monitoring Phase. This Monitoring Fee-Only Flat Retainer is based on the overall complexity of the engagement, number of requested/anticipated meetings and the level and scope of the overall financial planning and/or consulting services to be rendered.


What your contract states is what you pay. The flat retainer agreement is the only way our firm is compensated by you. As a result of this fee structure, we mitigate conflicts of interest that may place you in an allocation that does not truly align with your risk tolerance. To remain competitive we periodically re-evaluate all agreements, but we do not adjust fees without presenting a new engagement agreement. 


Why We Do It

Wealth Creation

We are here to build and maintain your wealth, not hinder it. Our goal is to be the most significant financial counselor in your life. Whether you are in the accumulation, preservation, or consumption phases of your wealth life-cycle, we price our services to ensure we remain accessible.