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The D'Orazio & Associates, Inc. approach to financial planning is a multi-step process which actively involves the client. In the process we analyze, disassemble and reassemble the client's financial affairs. Our financial services are customized to meet the client's needs.




The D’Orazio team collects extensive personal and financial information to inform all our services. In an introductory meeting we address any perceived inefficiencies of your current financial situation. If you choose to proceed with the Initial Phase of our services, we then delve deeper to determine measurable objectives and practical goals. Through a process of disassembling your present financial condition, we seek to provide a more efficient and effective financial blueprint.



Over the course of approximately six to twelve months, we work together to implement a recommended plan and reconstruct your financial foundation towards alignment with your goals. This will include walking through the account consolidation process; data aggregation via our Client Portal; and investment implementation process at a minimum. Through multiple topic specific meetings we apply the agreed upon services to your financial situation. After we implement our initial recommendations, we shift to the Monitoring Engagement Phase.



As your financial plan will be dynamic, our Monitoring Phase is an on-going relationship. We are proactive in providing any of our services while preserving your financial goals and measuring progress. When changes occur in your personal, financial or investment objectives, we will review, evaluate and revise our previous recommendations. Presentation of our recommendations is achieved through both the latest technology and traditional in-person meetings. We work within your busy schedule with a goal of providing you with financial peace of mind.