Our Process

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The D’Orazio team collects extensive information regarding all our services before painting your financial picture. We then delve deeper to determine your objectives and risk tolerance. Through a process of disassembling and reassembling your present financial position, we construct a personalized plan and make recommendations that best align with your goals including your needs, wants, and wishes.


Build a New Foundation

Over the course of six to twelve months, we work together to implement our plan. This will include walking through the account consolidation process with our Client Services Representative. Account aggregation via our Client Portal. Multiple topic specific meetings where we apply the gamut of our services to your situation.  And only after we implement all our initial recommendations, we shift to the Monitoring Engagement Phase.



As your financial plan will be dynamic, our Monitoring Phase is an on-going relationship. We are proactive in providing any of our services while preserving your financial goals and measuring progress. When changes occur in your personal, financial or investment objectives, we will review, evaluate and revise our previous recommendations.