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D'Orazio & Associates, Inc. is a financial advisory and investment management firm based in suburban Washington, DC. The principals have been providing financial and investment services since 1981. The Firm's mission is to provide every client with the highest level of service our profession has to offer.

The Firm currently has over $800 million in assets under management. Its clients consist of individuals, corporate executives, business owners and qualified retirement plans.


Our Approach

The D'Orazio & Associates, Inc. approach to financial planning is a multiple step process which actively involves the client. We analyze, disassemble and reassemble the client's financial affairs. Our financial services are customized to meet the client's needs.

We Manage Your Finances

Most people today are too busy keeping up with the changes in their own specialized areas to remain current with the ever-changing financial services industry. To prepare a financial plan with the same attention to detail as that of a professional advisor would just take too much time and research. This would be time away from your personal life, occupation, business or civic responsibilities.

With your financial situation being monitored by a financial advisor, your time and attention can be focused on effective management of your business and pursuing your personal interests.


How We Work

We Monitor Your Implementation

A financial plan that is not implemented becomes merely an educational experience. Worse than that, you have become aware of your financial problems but have not taken action to solve them. Your stated goals and objectives can never be met without putting the plan into action. Follow-through is critical!

We monitor that all phases of your plan are properly implemented by your selected agents, not only in terms of the types and categories of investments, but with respect to estate, tax, and retirement planning. All the areas of risk assessment are important, since over overlooked exposure could wipe out the rewards of years of work and saving.


We Review To Remain On Schedule

Your planning is a dynamic process and should be reviewed on a continuing basis to verify that your goals are being met and that you are remaining on your financial schedule. Since "nothing is as constant as change itself" your goals, attitudes toward financial risks and family circumstances will change.
Even if we as individuals were to remain the same, the financial world around us changes so frequently that constant monitoring is a necessary part of the planning process. The political, tax, and legislative and economic changes increase in frequency.

We Provide Peace Of Mind

Dealing with a financial advisor will give the peace of mind knowing that your financial situations are being handled by a full-time professional who is dedicated to your financial needs and who is in constant pursuit of your goals. The first step in the process is a learning exercise for both you and us. Our initial objective is to understand as much as possible about your financial situation, financial goals, and risk tolerance. This information is gathered early on through the use of questionnaires supplemented with face-to-face discussion.

The resulting goals and constraints are documented and reviewed with you to ensure there is a clear mutual understanding. We will offer you a fixed-price retainer contract. If you choose to go forward, we will outline a meeting schedule with tentative appointment dates.

Our financial planning services include the following: goal setting, risk management (i.e., property/casualty, liability, auto, homeowners insurance, etc.), cash management, estate planning, income tax and cash flow planning, needs analysis for life and disability insurance, planning for children's education, retirement planning, retirement plan distribution analysis, real estate investment analysis, charitable gifting techniques, capital management I (investment policy), II (asset allocation), III (investment selection) and IV (investment implementation), planning for special needs, and more.


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